Contributing to a better everyday life in the home and at work by developing and offering a culture of interior design, where there is an optimum coherence between functionality, quality, environmental consideration, economy, aesthetics and ethics.

Montana Møbler A/S was founded by Peter J. Lassen in 1982. The company is a family-owned company based in Haarby on the island of Funen in Denmark where the production takes place at a high-technological production site covering 19,000 m2. Montana has around 200 employees and has its own sales organisation in Denmark and at most European markets. Mrs Gitte Reymann is the General Manager and Mr. Joakim Lassen is Design & Communication Manager.

Montana Møbler A/S produces and supplies storage systems, tables, and chairs for homes and modern office environments. Montana is designed by Peter J. Lassen. The flexible modular sys-tem and the inspiring colour palette offer freedom to create your own personal room and to per-sonalize your style. Montana’s table and chair series are designed by Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Andreas Hansen, Peter J. Lassen, Joakim Lassen and the architects schmidt hammer lassen.


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