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WOCA Exterior cleaner
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Exterior Cleaner is for the cleaning of wood decking, garden furniture, exterior cladding etc. The product removes moss and algae and prevents resettlement. Exterior Cleaner is also very suitable for the cleaning of brickwork and concrete plates. The cleaner does not impact on pets or vegetation. Approved by the German Biological Building Association (IBR) Available in: 1 litre and 2.5 litre containers Consumption: 6-10 metres squared per litre Manual or mechanical cleaning - please email woca@designdenmark.co.nz for details regarding applying cleaner and hiring cleaning machinery For a how to guide and video copy and paste the link below into your browser http://www.wocadenmark.com/shop/product/exterior-cleaner Allow 5 -10 Working days for delivery


Available In 1 litre - $50.00 2.5 litre - $94.95

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