Silicone Spoon - Small

By Nuance

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Silicone Spoon - Small
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The Nuance Kitchen Spoon is a smaller version of Nuance’s Casserole Spoon. A spoon, which radiates quality and well thought through design. A comfortable grip, no matter how you decide to hold it. The silicone covered head is shaped so that it can get into the dishes corners. The spoon can endure heat up to 300˚C therefore can stay in the pot during cooking. It is suitable for all non stick surfaces. Nothing stays on the silicone surface, neither food nor bacteria, which makes the Nuance Kitchen Spoon more hygienic and easy to clean than any other kitchen spoons. Materials: The handle is of stainless steel and the head is produced out of silicone Colours: Black and Red It is Dishwasher safe. Allow 5 -10 Working days for delivery

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