Tablecloth Magnet Weights

By Nuance

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Tablecloth Magnet Weights
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When your patio table is beautifully set for dinner there is always the chance of a gust of wind catching the tablecloth and ruining your table decor. So Marcus Vagnby has designed our new Nuance Tablecloth Magnets. Their simple and stylish design lets them blend right in with all kinds of table decor, whether for everyday mealtimes or for parties. These fine tablecloth magnets have an exclusive stainless steel design. The magnets can be separated and each then fixed to its own side of the cloth. On removal, they can be clustered together by their own magnetism. In this way they keep the tablecloth in place without leaving any pressure marks. They are also very decorative. Nuance Tablecloth Magnets come in packs of four in a beautiful gift box. Design: Marcus Vagnby Allow 5 -10 Working days for delivery

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